Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weird Things We Do

Kids make you do weird things. Like wipe someone else's little snotty nose with your bare fingers (and not even flinch). Like tackle the dog under the highchair to remove a stray grape from his mouth. Like invent songs about rainbows and meowing cats to keep a cranky toddler appeased in the backseat.

Or like climb the ladder to the attic and hang out up there. In the attic. That's Bug's current favorite place to hang, especially with Dada. "Up agee!" is the rally cry as soon as Hunk comes home from work. And so my patient husband pulls down the attic steps and helps our delighted son clamber up. Then they just sit up there, at the top of the steps.

Yesterday, I asked Hunk, "What do you do 'up agee,'?" and he said they "talk about life." Really? "Yeah, about furnaces and insulation and Christmas decorations. You know, life," he said.

Ai yi yi. Kids make you do weird things.

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Amber B. said...

Our munchkin is also very interested in the attic. But we've never let him up there. If we did, it would be all over, and we would have to move our beds, tv, kitchen, etc. up there.