Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl Deegup

What do blenders, vacuum cleaners, toothbrushes and teacups have in common?

Give up? They're all Bug's current obsessions. (That's "bubba," "vagoo geegee," "toobup," and "deegup" in Bugese, by the way).

Take the latter, for example: deegups. On Sunday night, we watched the Superbowl at a friend's house. It was a football frenzy in the family room, but where was my son? Trying to sneak into the formal living room to snatch a teacup. He was hanging over their baby gate chanting, "Deegup! deegup! deegup!" It wasn't at all embarrassing.

I have no idea why he likes teacups. It can't possibly be because the child has been overexposed. I mean, we've only done this a couple times:

One, two, five times max. But-- in my defense--notice the bib!! He's exposed to guy stuff, too.


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