Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Popi and the Choo-Choos

(What? What's this?? A new post from me... amazing.)

Bug's Popi has a basement full of trains and really cool train displays—a 3-year-old's dream grandpa. But Popi had a recent infestation of bugs in his basement, which required poison treatments, so the trains are currently off-limits.

Tonight, Bug and I were talking about Popi’s choo-choos, and he was lamenting this current predicament. Here’s our conversation:

Bug (crestfallen): I want to see Popi’s choo-choos.

Mommy: I know, but why can’t we see them right now?

Bug: Because of all the bugs.

Mommy: Yes, Popi had to spray poison to kill the bugs, and we have to wait until the poison goes away.

Bug (impressed...with mounting enthusiasm): Popi did kill ALL those bugs! He did hit them and kick them. He did say NO! and NO FAIR! to those bugs.

I can just see, in his little mind, Popi whoopin’ up on those bugs like the Karate Kid, giving them the what for with his mean right hook.

I *heart* the mind of a 3-year-old.