Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cutest Shoes on Earth

Bug is tough on shoes. His current go-to little suede pair has been rubbed to a patent-leather polish on the toes. Time for a new pair.

But, see, here's my dilemma. Our household's current economic stimulus plan (no bail-out included) does not accommodate for new shoes for... me. Which is quite a sad story, given all the super cute spring styles out there right now (more on that here).

Yeesh, I'm cringing at how selfish that sounds, but I'm just having a little honest maternal moment and ad
mitting that I sometimes find it difficult to shell out major bucks for a teensy speck of a cow (a mere bovine iota, really) that Bug will inevitably outgrow in the next six weeks.

But, the cuteness factor of baby shoes does help to compensate for the fact that my oblivious tot has more fashion sense, literally, in his pinky toe than in his mother's entire wardrobe these days.

Check out the edibleness of these little pairs...This little red suede number is "Avery" by See Kai Run (my favorite little boy brand). And for just $32 on, they're a comparative STEAL.
Oh, Bug would flip if he saw these. Let's just say that he loves dump trucks almost as much as vacuum cleaners. Which is a lot.
Robeez Tredz "Trucks," $34.95 @ tinysoles.
Two words for you: PENNY LOAFER.
Pediped, $31 on tinysoles.
And there is something incomparably cute about a tousled toddler boy in Polo.
$53.10 at Zappos.

Reviewing these top picks, I'm suddenly feeling a strong, STRONG urge to call one of Bug's grandmothers.

Now that's an economic stimulus plan that I can live with. ;-)

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Allison D said...

I hate this post. And by that I mean I hate that I want to buy every one of these cute little shoes. If ever I am rich... I'll help others and keep my kids feet stylish.