Friday, February 20, 2009

A Sweet Treasure

We have collections of old books all over our house: on the mantle, our nightstands, even in our powder room! Hunk's grandfather's calculus book, my mom's Uncle Wiggly series from her childhood, an old family Bible, my grandparent's Reader's Digest volumes....and many more I've picked up at antique stores through the years.

One especially raggedy volume that sits beneath a picture frame on the back of the piano caught my eye the other day. Its spine has deteriorated beyond recognition, and I suddenly realized I had no idea what its contents contained. I opened it and was thrilled to discover a treasure: my great grandmother's hand-copied recipe book!

Here it is:

In its pages are recipes for many interesting little items, like Crisco Salmon Treats (I should make those for the next shower I host. ha!). I also now possess recipes for homemade catsup and four different types of pickles.

Also tucked within its pages are clippings from old magazines and newspapers, which offer such an intriguing glimpse back in time. Check it out:

Tuna squares, anyone? ...Anyone?

Love her 'do.
(And is it just me, or are several elements of this ad...suggestive??)

These next two pics were featured in an article on "modern kitchens." Check out that lovely light fixture! Actually, I think I saw that at IKEA a few weeks ago....
Since Bug LOVES to cook ("gook! gook!"), we decided to try my great grandma's recipe for "Sunshine Cake." Although I overcooked it a bit (couldn't quite figure out what "bake in a moderate oven for 30's-40's" meant), it was pretty good! Kind of like a pound cake.

Bug approves of the batter...

...and the cake!!

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Christine @ Live to Learn said...

That's so neat! I love old books too. We have many that came from both sides of our families. Some are basal readers from long ago and old school house books from the one room school house times. We actually read some ofthe books to the kids for history because they are really good.
Christine @ Live to Learn