Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Cuppa Tea

After yesterday's "deegup" post, I seem to be in tea mode. But few things in life are as cheerful as a cup of tea on a cold afternoon, right? (Bug says RIGHT-O!) My favorite brand is Harney & Sons. Every blend I've tried is great; I have yet to be disappointed. But I must admit that my favorite part is the pretty little sachets. I am a sucker for packaging.

Here are my faves:

Just add a tad of honey to Canton Green Tea. Antioxidant heaven!

White Peach...Being a Georgia girl, I'm a sucker for peach teas. And see what I mean about those cute little sachets? I wanna stuff them in my sock drawer!

African Autumn: The first Harney & Sons tea I ever tried. It won me over.
It says it contains "herbal redbush, cranberry and orange." Not sure what herbal redbush is, but it sure does taste g-o-o-d.

In honor of the season, I've got this next one on my wish list. I haven't tried it, yet, but "chocolate tea and rosebuds" has me way too curious to pass it up. Besides, look at that packaging!

I promise that next time I'll post about something besides tea! Maybe I'll get wild and crazy and move on to coffee.

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