Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Backward Glimpse

After posting about my great grandma's recipe book discovery on Friday, I found another little treasure inside one of my old books! A small red volume called The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come fell open (actually, to be more accurate, Bug flung it open... have I mentioned that he's turning two this month? He's practicing.)

Well, inside the book was a darling card:

On the back it says:
Pray think of me when flowers you view.
Their beauties all expressed in you.

Being a sucker for anything nostalgic or romantic, I like to imagine that this little memento was given to the book's owner by her dearest friend, as a token of her devotion. I love it. It's so... Anne and Diana!

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Amber B. said...

I love both the recipe book and that card. How sweet. Those really are treasures!!