Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Question

Bug asked his first real question today. His first, honest-to-goodness inquisitive question. Now, I know that within a few months, he'll probably be a font of inquisition so constant I'll feel like I'm on trial in The Crucible, but today was a first and thus worthy of an atta-boy.

In Sandra Boynton's book Doggies, there's a picture where the dogs howl at the moon. The other day while reading this book to Bug, I explained that some dogs howl when they see the moon. Tonight, he was looking at a set of alphabet cards before bed, and he pointed to a picture of the moon and said, "The moon is outside. In my other book, the dog book, the doggies howl at the moon." (Okay, he actually said, "Moo's ow-eye. In oh buk, doggie buk, doggie ow ah moo."-- but I took the liberty of interpreting).

And then he looked at me with this inquisitive face and asked, "Does Munson howl at the moon?" (Munson is our dog, whom Bug actually calls Mai, so his question was really, "Mai ow ah moo?") I know what you're thinking: I've got a freakin' genius on my hands. Oh, sorry- that's what I was thinking.



Our Funny Farm said...

It is so exciting when they begin asking questions until they get too smart for their own good! :) I'm only half-way kidding. Who knew a 3 and 4 year old could stump me so much? :) The fun is only beginning.

Ms. Tee said...

Aww! I remember when my son was little and I couldn't wait for him to start talking. How adorable :)
And you're so right - once it starts it never stops.lol But it keeps getting better and better, that's for sure. Happy Mom's day!

Anonymous said...

Call me when he starts the "why mom" and you run out of answers.. we can commiserate. I had no idea I would actually use all that science I learned in school, perhaps I should have paid more attention to the life cycle of EVERY living thing.