Sunday, May 17, 2009

You Know You're Pregnant When....

Okay, so I was sitting here on the couch, minding my own business when suddenly it hit. You know: the random, unavoidable, highly irrational, completely inconvenient, second-trimester craving. I just ate dinner like two seconds ago, and already my brain has been completely hijacked by my stomach (or is it the other way around??), and I can think of nothing but Nabisco Harvest Crisps 5-Grain crackers.

What are Harvest Crisps? Well, until about five minutes ago, I couldn't have told you. They are a cracker that, also until five minutes ago, I wasn't even sure still existed. I probably haven't eaten them in over two years. Maybe three. But suddenly a vision of their little hexagonal goodness popped into my mind, and there you have it.

Luckily for Hunk, I am not one of those pampered, self-indulgent pregnant women who forces her spouse on midnight runs to Wendy's to satisfy a fry craving. Or to Brewster's for chocolate-chip ice cream. Or to Publix for Harvest Crisps. No, luckily for Hunk, I just ran to the pantry and downed the remaining contents of a box of Carr Whole Wheat Crackers instead.

I totally had to put up with the fact that they're round. But I think, shape aside, my stomach (or is it brain?) is fairly appeased.

For now.


Jenica Stephens said...

I completely random craving was Bagel Bites! I hadn't had them since I was like 13!

Ms. Tee said...

I can totally relate, too - except I craved spinach. (the raw leafy kind) Can you believe it?!