Tuesday, April 14, 2009

furniture purgatory

Eight years ago, I loved my family room. Hunk and I were newly married. Our love was new and so was our furniture. While time makes love deeper and stronger, it makes Rooms To Glue couches weaker and creakier. Add an overgrown Westie and a toddler with a penchant for peanut butter to the mix, and it's safe to say we need new stuff.

That is--as soon as we finish Bug's big boy room, redo the nursery, fund the birth of Baby 2 and pay off our SUV (we're doing the best we can, Dave Ramsey). So, barring a lucky lottery ticket, family room plans have been relegated to the b-a-c-k burner.

If I can't buy new stuff, I can at least do a little window--er, Web--shopping to collect some wish list possibilities. These things make me happy.

This couch is from American Signature Furniture.
Hate the accent pillows but love the nailhead trim, the beige peanut-butter-camouflaging fabric and the price ($800--which is about $400 cheaper than my taste usually runs ;-).

This chair is so sweet.
It's pretty, but not stuffy. Looks comfy. And the neat little table next to it is a nice balance. I don't love the chair with the couch, though.... :-(

Pottery Barn strikes again. Sweet little casters, nice ruffle trim. Don't like the fabric with our decor, but it comes in lots of options.
...But! Hunk hates it. So it might be relegated to Blog world forever. What a sad fate.

This bombe chest is from Pottery Barn, too... and unfortunately costs almost as much as the couch. But isn't it lovely?
And this is the one piece of furniture in our family room that I still like. (Ours isn't this shiny in real life. :-) I know it's huge, but it's the most comfortable chair in the universe and worth every square inch. And, since it's Hunk's happy place, maybe it can be a bartering tool to get that ottoman back on the list.

Okay, I feel better, now. These items are safe and sound on my blog: their furniture purgatory.


Amber B. said...

I love it! This is what happens to most of my good ideas and inspiration, too. It's just not the time of life to do most of it!

Ms. Tee said...

Love *all* these choices. I really like comfortable furniture that is not too stuff and looks like you can actually sit on it. :) And bonus points for hiding peanut butter! lol
I have read Anne Morrow Lindberg's book, No More Words, and loved it. I'm definitely going to check out the one you recommended - thank you!