Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Issue is Here!!!!

Check it out, check it out! The spring issue of Little Black Dress/Little Red Wagon Magazine is OUT!

Once again, I have to give credit where credit is due. Our designer Tiffany Westbrook and our photographers Summer Adams and Jennifer Harris did an AMAZING job.

Tiffany: Your talent amazes me. You always knock it out of the park. Way out.

Summer: The covers are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love them, love them, love them. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did capturing Kristin and Madelyn. (And I really like how you captured the wooden giraffe on the Unique Gift Guide, too. He looks so... noble. :-)

Jennifer: Awesome job!!!! I can't decide which of your pages is my favorite! I think either the fashion layout or the Femme Phenom feature. The lighting in your studio shots is amazing. LOVE them all!

And, without further adieu.... here it is!! (click to read it!)

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