Thursday, April 2, 2009


Adorable surfer dude outfit for Bug... $4.

Polo plaid preppiness...$6.

Cabana boy cuteness...$5.
Scoring 11 pairs of shorts, 18 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes from the likes of Polo, Guess and Baby Gap so Bug can represent at all his play dates, and Mama can bask in the glory of consignment sale bliss....


Kendall, Samantha, and Marlee said...

That's awesome, Elizabeth!! Gotta love consignment sales! Which one did you go to to score those great deals?

Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

Hey, Sam! Scored these deals at the Acworth UMC sale. I CLEARED OUT the 2T wracks. All the slackers who got there after 10 a.m. were left with a couple sailor suits and some T-shirts. :-)