Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's Episode

Hunk and I have this little thing where he'll call during the day and ask, "What's today's episode?" Over the past (almost) two years of Bug's life, the episodes have ranged from "Giggles and Grins" to "Holy Crap!" and everything in-between. (I'll spare you the details of that latter one....)

Today's episode is: "Fling the Food." Dog food, that is. Across the kitchen floor. Now, normally the dog food is very much OFF limits, but this game produced so many shrills and peals that I couldn't resist snapping a few shots before calling it to a halt. This game, in case you want to repeat it at home with YOUR kitchen floor, goes like this:

Toddler finds a plastic cup in the laundry room. Mommy is checking e-mail in the kitchen. Toddler fills the cup with dog food. Mommy is still checking e-mail. Toddler runs, laughing, into the kitchen carrying the cup, with the dog in hot pursuit. Toddler takes a piece of food out of the cup and flings it with glee across the linoleum. The dog scurries--fur flying, paws skidding--to chase it down and scarf it up. Squeals of delight issue from toddler. Repeat.

Hilarity all around.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so sweet!! I love how Bantten is pointing as if to say, "I got the food from there, mom, in the laundry room". Very proud of his discovery!!