Friday, January 16, 2009

All About The Box

Bug was thrilled the other day when I went to Garden Ridge and came home with a big, beautiful box in the back of the car. Mommy was thrilled about the big, beautiful (on-sale) chair inside the box, but to Bug it was all about The Box. So, this was our afternoon:

And then, because I'm one of THOSE moms, we had to go make some text-to-life connections. We read:

Christina Katerina was my FAVorite book when I was a wee one.

My wee one's FAVorite book.

Vroom-Vroom-Vroomy-Vroom-Vroom! Buggy at the Wheel!

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Christine @ Live to Learn said...

You've got comments now! My kids love to play with boxes too.
Christine @ Live to Learn