Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiny Tables I Adore

We have an incredible shrinking house. I swear, when we moved in, it was MUCH bigger. The cabinets held more things, the drawers were more spacious, the cupboards plenty big enough. But now? Not so much.

So, we have two options: sell and buy a house with double the square footage (haha) or be smarter with our space.

There's a little spot next to our back door, for example, that just struck me as a great place for a tiny table or mini desk to hold some of the things that clutter up our kitchen counters-- invitations, cell phones, outgoing mail. A clutter catcher! We'd have to rig the door with one of those little stopy thingies on the hinge so it wouldn't bash into whatever it is. But I think it's doable. See what you think...

Here's the space:

Here are the options:

Anne Secretary by Ballard Designs
(I'd probably get this in black, since we have a lot of
distressed black in our family and dining room.)

Ballard Designs London Low Console
(This comes in black, too.
And I bet that drawer would be perfect for little Bug shoes!) to decide! I'm always GREAT at the virtual window shopping, but not so great when it comes to pulling the trigger. Any input you'd like to provide would be greatly appreciated!


Lora said...

i LOVE the little blue bedside table. and you could totally do that yourself for a fraction of the cost! i see little tables like that all the time at yard sales and secondhand stores. just paint it yourself and then distress it with sandpaper. :)

Amber B. said...

I think the Piccola cabinet--only b/c I've found that I like the pieces that have the most closed storage (read: the most space to throw random crap into).

Jenica Stephens said...

Hey! We have such similar taste! I have the first desk in my kitchen (The Anne from Ballard). We got it at the Ballard outlet in must check it out!


Christine @ Live to Learn said...

I know what you mean. When we moved into our house 7+ years ago, I clearly remember having empty cabinets and tons of storage space. I even said out loud that maybe our house was too big. :) Since then we have brought home 4 extra babies from the hospital to this house adding them to the 2 boys. :) Now we declutter constantly and have a designated space in the garage for give away stuff.
If either of you are handy I found this blog, Knock Off Wood, that gives the complete plans, for free, to build quite a few of Pottery Barn designs and a few other high end retailers pieces. Take a look and see what I mean.