Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little Girl's Room!

Here's the story of our nursery transformation, from Bug's blue-and-brown template to little Mia's pink infusion.
(there's a 12-week-old Bug on the changing table... :-)
AFTER:Align Center

In place of the wooden "B's" (for "Bug," of course), I made French message boards by covering cardboard with quilting fabric, ribbons and pearl-head straight pins. Voila! Form and function!

This IKEA pillow-- a gift from Mia and Bug's uncle-- was the inspiration for the theme, which Hunk dubbed as "chirpy."

A chirpy little mural above the crib...

Another chirpy detail...

Her name:


Lora said...


Amber B. said...

Looks beautiful! I love that the room is still painted blue, but so girly also.

And she is beautiful. Hope you guys are doing well!!!

Mary Dondiego said...

This is really cute, I love it! You are so talented!