Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Bizarre Baby Dream

Had a weird dream about baby Mia this week. Put on your Freud goggles and help me analyze this one:

I looked down at my huge stomach (okay, so that's easy to analyze; it is huge in real life), and I realized I could see Mia through my skin. My skin was all stretched out around her, and her little feet and little hands were poking through; I could see them clear as day.

So, I said, "Hunk! Get the camera; this has to be a miracle! I can see her!" (but in my dream I called Hunk by his real name. That would be weird if I called him Hunk in my dreams). And he grabs the camera, but he really just grabs a camera phone, and I'm mad because I know the quality isn't going to be good, and this is-after all-a Guinness Book moment here. But, anyway, he's snapping away, and then I realize I can see her face, too. Her features, her eyes. She is so cute. And I momentarily worry that the flash from his camera phone (not sure why his camera phone had one, but it did) might blind her.

But then I look at her face and she's smiling at me. And then she reaches her little arms out to me. And I sit there and hold her, even though she is still under my skin. I know, that sounds so gross, but in my dream it was just really sweet.

Okay, so that's it. I'm going to sit up from the couch now and leave you to interpret that one.

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Nicola Russell said...

SO weird- I had the same dream about my baby (but without the picture-taking)!! The little fingers were clear as day! And she had brown hair and brown eyes and looked like Dave's sister! I wonder if this is a common pregnancy dream...