Thursday, November 19, 2009

He's not a boy. He's a dog.

Tonight Bug helped Mommy give our dog Munson a bath. When Munson's normally white, fluffy fur was all wet, Bug gave Munson's tummy a quizzical look.

Bug (bending over and looking at Munson's belly): Oh, look! A poop coming out!

Me: Oh, no, Buddy. That's not a poop. That's Munson's wee-wee.

Bug (sounding delighted): Oh! His ee-wee!

Me: Yes, Munson has a wee-wee because Munson is a boy.

Bug (condescending): No, Mommy, Munson is not a boy. He's a dog.

Guess the birds-and-the-bees chat can wait for a few more years.

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